Me Made May Week 1

I totally meant to write and post this yesterday, but then I got distracted by an impromptu shopping trip using the flatmates car and going to see my favourite band in Newport. Between that let’s pretend I was revising not tracing out a new sewing pattern…



May 1st

Me-Made Item: Refashioned Tiger Please vest (deconstructed and made into vest)



May 2nd

Me-Made Item: Birdcage Dress (Simplicity 1803)


May 3rd

Me-Made Item: Refashioned Futures vest (deconstructed and made into vest)



May 4th

Me-Made Item: Adjusted Futures Ftrs shirt (adjusted shape and sleeves)



May 5th

Me-Made Items: Red circle skirt (no pattern used)

Refashioned Samoans tribal shirt (adjusted shape, added collar)


You may notice I draw a small distinction between ‘refashioned’ and ‘adjusted’. For me refashioning changes the item completely, to have refashioned it I have either deconstructed it, or added something dramatic that I’ve sewn so it’s almost like having created a garment from scratch, just using another garment as material. For adjusting, I’ve usually just made some small adjustments to make the garment fit in it’s original form, usually band tshirts because I’m too petite for them. I hesitated to allow them in my Me-Made-May challenge, but as I’m new to sewing and I don’t yet have a lot of me-made clothes, and I wanted to wear something every day, I needed them to make up the numbers. 


You will also notice over the coming weeks that I a) wear that grey cardigan excessively (I actually have 3, I’m not just dirty) and b) have a rather large amount of Futures tshirts, particularly for someone who primarily wears dresses.



Me-Made-May ’13

What better way to start my blog than with signing up for Me-Made-May?

My pledge is:

‘I, (Matte, of alwaysonabudget), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear one item which I have sewn, knitted, or modified each day for the duration of May 2013’

This is, I think, a rather ambitious goal, since a current inventory of available items is at 6 items, but I’m hoping to see this as a positive challenge to add a few more items to my wardrobe and get some more wear out of the items I have!